Ni (sweetest_clover) wrote in toronto,

Driving Test Tips

Hello Toronto!

I'm going to be taking my G1 road test within the next few weeks, and as someone who hasn't taken a road test yet, I was hoping all who had could give me some pointers, etc...(I'm not taking a driving course beforehand, so I don't have someone paid who can tell me all this :P).

The closest test taking site for me is Toronto Metro East (Victoria Terrace Plaza), anyone have any suggestions for the "best" time of day during the week to take a test?
Also, any tips for things to expect during? Stuff I should definitely make sure to practice beforehand? Anyone know a possible route they might take me on? Anything else which I haven't thought of which would be helpful to know?

Thanks so much for any suggestions. I really appreciate any tips you've got to help and sooth a nervous girl's nerves :)

//EDIT// You guys are awesome ♥!! Thanks so much for everything you've mentioned. Keep 'em coming too, all these tips are excellent!!!
Tags: driving instruction, recommendations
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