mookalina (twiddledum) wrote in toronto,

mad hatter birthday parties

there are a few long-gone posts somewhat pertaining to this, but nothing truly dedicated to the topic, so...

what happened to the mad hatter party venue in toronto?! i'm sure many people in this community remember childhood birthday parties with mazes, pillow fights, strobe lights, popcorn eating contests, whipped cream fights, water balloon fights (a lot of fights, apparently) and a final hurrah of ice cream cones and unwrapping 20 boxes of smelly markers. i have SUCH magical memories of this place and i can barely find trace of it online, save for people recounting their own faded memories of it. i want pictures and to reminisce! never mind, i want to round some friends up and go there as an adult!

i can't be the only one who thinks lovingly back to parties held there in elementary school...
Tags: kids stuff, legendary
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