Michelle (micheroo) wrote in toronto,

Couples Cooking Classes

Hi all, 

I am looking to purchase gift certificates for couples cooking classes for my sister and her fiancé. I checked out a few places online but would love some personal experiences and/or suggestions if you've got 'em. I'm interested in something like "Cooking 101" and nothing too fancy... everyday kinda food and lessons that they can handle - both are decent in the kitchen but admittedly stick to the same ol' recipes because they aren't too adventurous. 

Calphalon has some great Basic Skills lessons - but I read some reviews that they are best for the moderately experienced cook. And they are also ridic in prices - for $500/4 classes I'd rather just give them cash or something.
Loblaws - didn't see that they offer basic lessons, more menu-based

Not sure where else is reputable but I'm looking for something in between. 

Looking for a place in the GTA/Markham area. 

Thank you and Happy Weekend! :) 
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