hobbit (middlemarching) wrote in toronto,

Renting a car for a trip to Niagara Falls.

Hey all,

My partner and I are looking at taking an overnight trip to Niagara Falls in about two weeks' time. We're trying to decide on whether or not it would be better for us to rent a car for the drive out there, take the bus, or the train. Currently we're leaning towards renting a car, since my partner's sister-in-law is from Niagara and says that public transit there is pretty atrocious.

I'm of age to rent a car but have never done it before, and so am not sure what is entailed. (What little experience I do have is based out of the states, since that's where I'm from.) Can anyone give me some pointers? What are your experiences with car rentals in Toronto? Who did you use, and when did you pick up the car?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate the help!

p.s. I tried to use as many relevant tags as possible but could not see any for cars or car rentals.
Tags: tourists, transportation, travel
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