Dr. Ben Mack: Prominent User of the Internet (epi_lj) wrote in toronto,
Dr. Ben Mack: Prominent User of the Internet

Watch repair for ordinary mortals?

I'm looking to get a watch repaired. It's not an expensive watch, and I'm hoping the problem is relatively easy for someone who knows what they're doing, but I quite like the watch, so I would like to get it repaired rather than just replace it.

However, when I look into watch repair by simply googling, everything seems directed at very, very high-end watches. (For example, I believe my watch retailed for under $100 on Amazon when it was new, while the majority of the featured second-hand watches on the WatchFinder Eglinton site are $9,000 and up.)

Can someone recommend a place that's good for getting an ordinary, low-end watch repaired? Or am I wrong to feel intimidated bringing it to one of the high-end places that also do repairs?

My work commute corridor is from the Yonge/Finch area to the Yonge/Eglinton area and then east across Eglinton to the DVP, so a place along that route would be most convenient, although I can travel elsewhere if needed.
Tags: services, where to find
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