November 21st, 2007

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Grey Cup

Does anyone have any extra tickets to the cup? Anyone know of where to find some? Nosebleeds seats are fine as long as they're not exorbitantly expensive! Looking for at least one seat, maybe two if the price is right.

All the cheap seats are sold out and people on Craigslist are charging $200+ for them! I'd like to spend less than that if possible.

Any leads are very appreciated!

Last Call at the Gladstone Hotel

If you weren't able to catch it at this year's HotDocs festival, I encourage you to tune into TVO tonight at 10:00 p.m. to watch Last Call at the Gladstone Hotel.

It's a one-hour documentary shot over five years that chronicles the sale and restoration of Toronto's oldest working hotel, including "acrimonious ownership battles, stalled development plans, an emotional staff lockout and the eviction of vulnerable longtime tenants."

Even though I've lived here since 1994, I've only ever been aware of the Gladstone as an artsy hipster hangout. The real story of the building's recent history is riveting. Check it out!
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What to do...what to do...

Hi Everyone,

I have a good friend of mine coming to visit me here in Toronto from DC on December 1 to December 2. Does anyone know of anything cool happening either of those days? I want to make sure we have a good time. Anything during the day would be great as well. I already have something for later on in the evening on Saturday (Dec 1).

Interests are: musuems, art, anything with music, etc.



DJ & Karaoke services

Anyone have any recommendations for a DJ that also does Karaoke? It's for my company's Christmas Party (being held at Hart House). I've never had to organize this kind of thing up before and while I could rely on Google, I'd love some personal recommendations.


Edit: the party is on December 7th and we'd need someone from about 5pm to midnight

DEVIANToronto Munch - starting January!

This has been in the planning stage for a while, but we figured we should announce it to give everyone the heads up ahead of time!

Location: venue to be announced soon (will be along the subway line in central Toronto)

Date: 4th Tuesday of every month, starting January 22nd, 2008

Time: 7pm - 10pm or whenever people head out

Hostesses: Carina (darkestembrace) and Kirsten

DEVIANToronto is a kink/BDSM community group in the city. We are also planning other events, including a workshop series beginning in January.

More details to come soon! For more info, drop us an email (darkestembraces @ gmail . com) or join our mailing list.

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Coyote Ugly: Coming to an Entertainment District near you

Toronto about to get a little ugly --Coyote Ugly

Coyote Ugly -- the rowdy U.S. bar chain so famous they made it into a movie and TV show -- plans to open its first Canadian location in Toronto's troubled Entertainment District.

The Coyote Ugly Saloon will move into 220 Adelaide St. W., one of two new bars opening between Simcoe and Duncan streets, according to a spokesperson from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Spokespeople for The Coyote Ugly Saloon would not comment.

The bar, known for its sexy female servers who sing, dance and serve alcohol from atop the bar, is scheduled to open early next year, as will a new club called Steam Drink & Soundbar nightclub. Coyote Ugly will have a capacity of close to 400, sprawled over two floors.

There is room for a rooftop patio, but [Don Rodbard, president of the King Spadina Residents Association] said the owners have agreed to forgo the patio for now.

Sounds interesting enough. I watched the movie for Piper Perabo.

Saturday Saturday Saturday!

My sister and I will be at the Purple Purl on Queen East ( collecting donations for the knitting club!

The PP has been kind enough to even be a drop off for the cause!!!

Please pass the word around (I got suspended from knitting for crossposting) . I don't know what time we will be there, but drop offs can be made at any time!!!

Thank you! 
Please remember to either add libookreader (who apparenlty was rejected to join Toronto...why?) for updates and pictures of the little knitters. 

SkinDiving needs a place to live.

Dear Toronto Livejournal Community,

I am on a desperate hunt for a place to live as of 1 December, or sooner.
I'm all about shared accommodations at the moment - house, flat whatever.

Ideally I am looking to pay less than 700, but more, depending on location, if it is within walking distance to my work (beverley and queen) then I'm alright with paying for the difference I'd spend on a metro pass.

Generally speaking, I do not want to extend beyond the following borders:
Somewhere between Euclid and Yonge, Bloor and King.

I am also looking for good people - friendly, social, clean enough, reliable yet fun, somewhere within the 19-30 age range. Male, female, gay straight, trans, smoker, non-smoker - I have absolutely no preferenc.

I work full time as well as freelance, I stay busy, I like my weekends spent out and I cook and bake a lot.

That's pretty much it.

SO, if you've heard of anything or hear of anything, I would appreciate ANY kind of lead that you could send my way.

I've scoured craigslist without luck for the last two weeks, searched the facebook marketplace, have looked in NOW, viewit - no corner has gone unturned. I've gone so far as to take the last 2 days off of work to send mass emails, refresh craigslist every two minutes and venture out to see the occasional unsuitable flat.

Generally I've been confronted with people either 1) not responding or 2) charging far too much for what turns out to be essentially a closet.

Help a fellow lj-er out, please.

My undying love and appreciation is extended immediately to anyone who can offer any kind of assistance.

I will even bake you cupcakes of gratitude.

Cheers mates,


Taxi fare

Before i get to my question:
No, i'm not asking directions to get to the Docks.

However, I'm opting to take a taxi from Union station to the docks nightclub. Would anyone know/estimate how much my cab fare might be? I'll be heading there around 5:30-6:00ish on a weekday night.

I checked a taxi fare site and it guessed around $11....does this seem right?

Thanks all.
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1 bedroom available in 2 bedroom apartment

My roommate is intending to leave the place on December 1st, so I am looking for someone to take the room. This is pretty much posted on craigslist/facebook. I haven't had much luck with people there so I figure i'd try my luck here. Either that, or my avatar will hypnotize someone.

The apartment is a second floor near the Harbord/Grace intersection. (squished in between little korea and little italy) The room is 7 1/2' x 14' so its a not too wide, but pretty long kind of room. The room itself will be unfurnished. There is storage space in the basement, this is where people put their bikes, and boxes, and skates and stuff. the apartment has a washer and dryer. theres also a laundromat across the street, if you want to live like a king.

i work 9:30-5:30, off hours, i do stuff like play sports, watch tv , go to concerts, go for drinks and chill with friends. on weekends, i like to go out and about on the weekends. pretty normal stuff.

I am probably looking for a roommate who are young professional or grad students. its really hard for me to define particular traits that i would want roommates to have. we don't need to be best friends or anything, I just want to be able get along well with the person, and the person respects the apartment in terms of cleanliness and shares responsibilities that come with living together with someone. i like a peaceful and relaxed environment, Having said that, i prefer non smokers. heh

the rent is 637, and the lease is til august.

if anyone is interested, or knows someone that might be interested, feel free to point them my way.


Best internet in town?

O Wise and Ever-Knowing Toronto LJ Community, I throw myself at your mercy once again.

I'm thinking of getting my 71-year-old Granny an internet connection for Christmas. She doesn't need anything too fancy, but she doesn't want dial-up (she wants her phone line free -- and can you actually get dial-up anymore?), so I ask you Toronto, who has the best deals for non-dial up, no frills internet?

I can't seem to find any useful information on the Rogers website without having her account number (but if I'm missing something, please let me know!) and Sympatico's out of my budget... so, what other options do I have?

Thanks in advance for your help and I'm sorry if this question has been asked recently.
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