August 10th, 2008

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Anyone else in the Bathurst Eglinton to Lawrence Eglinton area feel a massive shock with a loud bang at 3:47 am? Any clue as to what it could be?

EDIT: Most up to date information as of 5:20 am thanks to toronto community members

Reports of explosions at propane depot in northwest Toronto

TORONTO — Police are evacuating a northwest Toronto neighbourhood (Keele & Wilson) following dozens of explosions at what residents say is a propane depot.
Witnesses at the scene early Sunday morning said the explosions were occurring every few seconds and shook buildings in the area, waking residents from their sleep.
Clouds of black smoke can been seen billowing hundreds of metres into the air.
Scores of police and emergency vehicles are on the scene trying to keep people out of the danger zone.
There has been no word of any injuries


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seamstresses/alteration places

Hello all,

I'm looking for a seamstress or alteration place that can alter a dress for me.

The dress (pictured here: needs the bottom taken up, possibly straps added (using the fabric from the bottom), and probably the waist taken in. I'll be arriving in TO Monday evening and the dress needs to be ready by Sunday.

Any recommendations or offers?
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I'm wondering if there are any open invite poetry workshop type events in Toronto where people meet to do poetry exercises in a non-judgmental atmosphere. So, not a place for seeking constructive criticism, but rather, a safe space for self-expression.
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Portrait studio/photographers

Can anyone recommend a good, downtown portrait studio or photographer with ideas (possibly outdoor)? I'm looking to get a shot or few of my siblings and I (23 and younger) for my mother's birthday. Not looking to spend tons of money (don't really know what to expect, actually) but I would need prints for next weekend and the shots to be taken on Thursday, hopefully.


Piercing stuff continued.. different question this time

Does anyone know of any places carrying lots of smaller gauge titanium barbells or CBRs in stock (14 ga)? I was trying NT today and had no luck since they only carry limited titanium jewellery and usually it's special order. All they had left was coloured titanium (purple and pink.. hmm - rather not resort to that!) or longer barbells more appropriate for tongue piercings. I have a pressing deadline to switch some of my jewellery (a week basically).

My guess is that Studio One Tattoo and Piercing Supplies may carry titanium however the last few times I tried to drop by they were closed.. Suggestions?
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Free WiFi in the GTA

I did a search in the history and i haven't seen anything good lately just gives you a bunch of old ones too, and a lot of teriyaki experience.
I'm looking for free wifi where you can sit for hours until the wee hours of the night, like in a coffee shop or something.

Personally, i know in downtown there is

  • Maddie's
  • C'est What
Up in the North East end there is:
  • Ten Ren at Metro Sq. (open until late)
  • Green Grotto at Steeles and Warden (open until late)
  • Starbucks at John and Woodbine (open until 10pm)
  • Second Cup at hwy 7 and warden (open until 11pm)
  • Country Style at John and Woodbine (open until 24 hrs but no outlet)
Any others?

Edit: i just found this
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Olympics merchandise

Hi gang, thanks for all those who made thoughtful suggestions the last time I asked about my bf's stolen bike. 

Now I was wondering if I could ask where I could find Beijing Olympics merchandise in Toronto or York region.  It's a huge thing in my family and I would like to  get caught up in the mania.  I'm more looking for tshirts, olympic flags, official merchandise, etc.  I know Chinatown and Pacific Mall has random stores that would sell home made t-shirts (without the olympic rings) and McDonald's are selling mascot glasses but are there any place that has a big selection?  There was a store on the Danforth that sold official merch in 2004 for Athens so this is ideal but I would love just any suggestions.  Please be as specific as possible :) 

Also, where would one purchase a flag stand for cars? 

Thanks very much!  Hope you're having a great weekend.