dental_picture (mental_picture) wrote in toronto,

Anyone else in the Bathurst Eglinton to Lawrence Eglinton area feel a massive shock with a loud bang at 3:47 am? Any clue as to what it could be?

EDIT: Most up to date information as of 5:20 am thanks to toronto community members

Reports of explosions at propane depot in northwest Toronto

TORONTO — Police are evacuating a northwest Toronto neighbourhood (Keele & Wilson) following dozens of explosions at what residents say is a propane depot.
Witnesses at the scene early Sunday morning said the explosions were occurring every few seconds and shook buildings in the area, waking residents from their sleep.
Clouds of black smoke can been seen billowing hundreds of metres into the air.
Scores of police and emergency vehicles are on the scene trying to keep people out of the danger zone.
There has been no word of any injuries


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