sully from the block (ex_sully200) wrote in toronto,
sully from the block

Cadbury outdoes itself in weird billboards @ Dundas Square


So, remember that strange-looking billboard at Dundas Square? You know, the one that commanded you to relieve a glutinous discharge? Well, it just got stranger. On Tuesday, Cadbury attached a teeter-totter-like lever to the billboard, with a large box on one end and a hulking one-and-a-half-metre Creme Egg on the other. According to the company, as snow, rain, and other precipitation accumulates inside the box, the Creme Egg will slowly rise towards an oversized fan that will eventually crack it open, unleashing its mucilaginous filling everywhere!

You can get updates on the chocolate embryo's status via a live web feed at

I haven't been by lately and only heard about this billboard via today's National Post article on the topic, which also lets us know that the billboard should catch all of the goo that will eventually get released. Also, that the timing truly is controlled only by the weather.
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