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Affordable vets in Toronto

hey y'all,

my Dad is in the hospital and he left behind two cats that no one in my family can take care of due to allergies/apathy. Believe me, neither he nor I are happy about this.

My friend is going to adopt one, but the trouble is the cat isn't spayed. Can anyone recommend a vet who might be willing to let us pay in installments to have her shots/spaying done? Or if not in installments, at least a cheap place we could visit? This is an unexpected expense for her and my own funds are kind of tapped because of some things to do with my Dad's hopsital visit. We can probably travel anywhere, but she lives on Victoria Park so east would be better.

1. We'd like somewhere where we could take Pixie and get her shots and spayed.
2. We'd like somewhere where we could have both cats checked out to see if they are pregnant? If not pregnant (we think there might be a chance with Tigger) she might like to take both.. but if the cat is pregnant she can't take her and we don't want to incur more expenses. Does that make any sense? My grandma wants to take her straight to the humane society but I figured if there's a sympathetic vet who can confirm she's not pregnant, we can keep both kitties from the pound..

My Dad used to volunteer at some sort of cat rescue place run by a woman in her late 70s named FERN. It was in the Queen/Dovercourt area IIRC. Is anyone familiar with this place? I am not sure if she actually can do neutering or is willing to do it for animals not in her care but I thought I'd see if anyone was familiar with the place/Fern.

Any leads welcome! Pixie thanks you. She's not a "MomCat" type.


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