exsanguinated mostly, rachel occasionally (exsanguinated) wrote in toronto,
exsanguinated mostly, rachel occasionally

cowhunt #2 this sat! (now with lj discount code)

Sat Apr 10 is the Cowhunt. It's an urban adventure where you can solve clues, photograph yourself at the clue location, and race to the finish line to win prizes.

Tickets are $40 for a pair of cowhunters, and proceeds go back into the entrepreneurial community. There also a is a discount code for lj users! Save $10 off the price of a pair of tickets.

Tickets: http://cowhunt2.eventbrite.com/ discount code is: livejournal

Facebook event listing: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=111767072166782&ref=ts (though you still need to register and pay for your tickets by Fri at midnight)

Hope to see you at the hunt!
Tags: downtown, events, health & fitness, sports & recreation
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