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Hello! Salut! 你好! nuqneH! नमस्ते! Goddag! Mabuhay! привет! Hola!

Welcome to the toronto community on Livejournal.

If you're new here, please review our profile page for posting guidelines, community expectations, and information about the city and its people. It'll take you three minutes and it saves the moderators a ton of work.

If you have any questions, comments, notions, suggestions or special requests, shoot us a message over at toronto_mods. (You can leave a comment here if you like, but it won't be checked regularly.) If you want to speak privately with the Big Boss, lizvang's name is on the letterhead, but crassy runs the community day-to-day.

If you are trapped inside a burning building, why are you reading the internet? Seriously, what is wrong with you? Are you stupid or something? Get off the computer! NOW!

And if you know any good jokes and/or cocktail recipes, leave them in the comments.
Tags: community management
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