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Toronto Community
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Please use the community's LJ search before posting. It covers posts and comments, so if anyone has ever discussed what you're about to ask, it'll spit it right out.


  1. Posts should be Toronto-related.

    • "Toronto", for our purposes, includes the Greater Toronto Area: Hamilton to the west, Oshawa to the east, and Aurora to the north.

    • Rule of thumb: any post concerning something which takes place in Toronto, involves Toronto, or which is likely to affect Toronto is considered "Toronto-related". If you're unsure, feel free to ask a moderator before posting.

    • Crossposting is permitted.

  2. Introduction posts ("Hi, I'm Margaret and I'm new here!") are not permitted.

  3. Any non-worksafe material needs to go behind an LJ-cut and be clearly flagposted.

  4. Do not disable comments on your posts.

  5. Do not delete comments on your posts. If someone posts a comment you consider to be objectionable or inappropriate, please screen it and inform the moderators. (See here for rationale.)

  6. You may delete your own posts and comments, provided they involve an obvious mistake. (broken HTML, wrong community, reply to the wrong person, etc.)

  7. You may delete the comments of obvious spambots.

  8. You may delete "for sale" posts when the items in question have sold.

  9. You may not delete posts or comments under any other circumstances.

  10. Protected (members-only) posts are permitted.

  11. Posts and comments containing incitements, solicitations or advice to commit illegal acts are not permitted.

  12. Posts which have the primary purpose of calling out or shaming other members are not permitted.

Additional Rules for Commercial Posts

  1. Commercial posts ("buy my stuff", "come see my band", "donate to my charity", etc.) may only be posted on Wednesdays and Sundays.

    • Posts about selling same-day tickets ("My roommate is sick: does anyone want a ticket to see Lady Gaga tonight?") are exempted from this rule.

  2. Commercial posts may only include one photograph or image outside of the LJ-cut. All other images must be within LJ-cuts.

  3. Commercial posts may contain only up to 500 words outside of the LJ-cut. All other content must be within LJ-cuts.

Oh No, Something Happened!

If you believe that someone is breaking the rules, report it to the moderators over at toronto_mods by leaving a comment on this post.

If your post was deleted, you will almost certainly receive a private message about it, so check your inbox. If you want to follow up in public, leave a comment over at toronto_mods. Do not post to toronto asking why your post or comment was deleted, or else we'll sneak into your house late at night, bundle up all your possessions, and forcibly move you to Orangeville while you sleep.

toronto is an identity-positive space. While you are more than welcome to argue and disagree with one another, we ask that you keep it civil, and that you refrain from using identity-driven insults and language. ("I disagree with you" is acceptable. "I disagree with you, you cocksucking fag" is not.)


Shopping Posts -- For Sale
If you are selling an item or service, use only the for sale tag.

Shopping Posts -- Buying
If you are looking to buy or purchase something, use the single most appropriate tag. (for example, just dentists, as opposed to dentists & oral hygiene & parts of the body located above the neck & doctors but not MDs) If no tag is appropriate, use the shopping tag.

Other Posts
Use as many (relevant) tags as you like.

External Resources


Come visit us in toronto_mods: we're happy to help!

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